They Are Back

This is a chipmunk.  They have begun their season of terror.  After a long winter’s sleep, they are awake and back in force on Glen Road.  Today, I looked out of the window and there they were.  Running, playing, clicking.  It’s the clicking I can’t stand.  I have read in some articles that they click when they sense danger and other articles point out that it is how they mate.  All I know is that when I hear clicking at 7 AM on a Saturday morning, I would like to run up to them and wring their little necks.  If only I could catch them!  The rest of the family on Glen Road comes from Brooklyn, NY.  Wildlife there consisted of horrible stories people would tell them about the 20 pound rat or attacks from killer cockroaches that could fly after you.  Anytime the Brooklyn side sees a chipmunk, there is screaming, yelling and crying.  EVERYONE, GET INTO THE HOUSE!  MOUSE!  RUN!  WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?!  They make me anxious when I catch one running across the patio out of the corner of my eye as the last rays of sun beam down.  WHAT WAS THAT?  IS SOMEONE OUT THERE?  For the most part, our move to the country has been great….we could just do without so much wildlife, especially the chipmunks.  What wildlife terror stories do you have to share?

7 thoughts on “They Are Back

  1. Have you forgotten about ‘SILENCE’ at 7:00 am in the morning…actually I think it extends until almost noon if I remember right.

  2. Remember they are very good friends to my dog Dolly. She doesn’t hurt them but if she catches one she brings it to me and wants me to play with it also. Bad idea. When she is done playing she lets it go unhurt.

  3. I don’t mind a chipmunk or two especially if it is a sign of the start of spring- one of my favorite seasons. However, I do admit I am not a fan of some other critters. The first sign of any bee sends me into total panick. I know they are out to get me. (yes, I know I am overly dramatic yet entertain my friends when I scream, wave my arms frantic, and head indoors when I sense these stinging creatures in my space)

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