Friday Dance Party

This is another edition of Friday Dance Party here on Acorns On Glen.  Why do we do this every Friday?  I think we all need time to celebrate another week of LIVING through reflection and dancing.  Let’s start by giving thanks that we have survived another week.  We’ve gotten through work, taking care of our families, checking up on friends.  We’ve even gotten through the “Spring ahead” time change.  We were a little fuzzy after the time change, but we survived it.  However, the best thing to celebrate–we are alive and kicking.  This week we need to be especially grateful about this fact given the tragic events our poor friends in Japan have been enduring.  Be strong, Japan!!  So take a minute to reflect about your great life and getting through the challenges that faced you this week.  Also say a prayer for the people of Japan.  You are truly lucky, especially after the devastating events we’ve witnessed this week.  Did you do that?

Good….now let’s dance.

It needs to get warm here.  I don’t think my hands or feet have been warm since mid-December.  We’ve had some sun, but will it last?  Earlier this week, I wrote about Spring and how it needs to get here…NOW!  I am sick of snow, of clouds, of gray sky…..OK, I am sick to death of Winter.  Spring needs to take charge now and send Winter packing!  I need some full-time sun to warm me.  So how can I get warm until the sun decides to show up for the long haul?  Well, we can start by going to a place that has a weather forecast for the next few days in the low 80’s.  So I’m going to ask my Baby to smile at me and we’re going to RIO…..DE JANEIRO!  Yes, Rio.  So turn up your speakers and join my Baby, Peter Allen, some Rockettes, a camel and me on an imaginary trip to Rio De Janeiro.  At least the dancing will help warm me up until Spring decides to become the boss.  Samba, anyone?  Enjoy the video show and remember to shake it hard…you’ve earned it!!  Do you have any ways that you celebrate life on a regular basis that you would like to share?

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