JoJo’s Journal-My Rawhide Adventure

This is JoJo again and it’s time for my journal.  As a diva Yorkie, I like all things nice….and expensive….given as a gift….from my boys.  Much to my surprise, I was told that a new treat was on its way to me and I was excited.  What could it be?  Diamonds, caviar, pearls, a new cashmere sweater to brave the cold?  The list is endless.  My suitor came in with something behind his back.  Flowers….maybe red roses.  BARK!! 

Well, to my horror, I was given a rawhide treat.  You know, one of those leather logs that dogs chew on for hours on end.  Absolutely not….no way.  Go directly to jail; do not pass go; do not collect $200.  Sniff….well it does smell good.  Lick…..nice taste.  Chomp….what have I got to lose?  The end result was a treat I treasured.  As with most things in our life, the simplest things are usually the best things.  The things we remember and treasure forever.  A gentle kiss from a lover, a hug from your child, a homemade Valentine, a bouquet of dandelions from your front yard.  Yes, even a rawhide treat.  Remember to keep it real and celebrate the simple things in life.  Tell me what has been your favorite simple treat? 

8 thoughts on “JoJo’s Journal-My Rawhide Adventure

    • Hi again. JoJo says bark. We haven’t had issues with “free” toys yet……other than when JoJo thought a pair of hearing aides were treats. Not a good scene. Come back to “Acorns On Glen” again very soon.

    • Welcome FluteGirl to Acorns On Glen. You know what…thank you for telling us something so simple and so beautiful. You hit the nail on the head. Please come back and visit this crazy land known as Acorns On Glen.

  1. Not only is JoJo the most beautiful Yorkie Diva in the world, but the Rawhide music is hysterical. I can’t get enough of JoJo. I almost attempted to steal her in my bag the other day, but knew I wouldn’t even get near the front door. Love her to pieces.

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