A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – Don’t Bark Up The Wrong Tree

This is JoJo at our July 4th party.  She didn’t take a nap all day.  She just ran from guest to guest to guest.  When she went to bed at 11:30 at night, she fell to her side and didn’t wake up until 10:00 the next morning.  Partying is really hard work.  What have your pets been up to lately?

JoJo’s Journal – I Hate Bath Time!

 Who, me?  I’m not dirty!

This is another edition of JoJo’s Journal here on Acorns On Glen….bark!  Hello, my loves, it has been so long since the last time I wrote to you.  Spring has been so busy for me given that I can actually leave the house now and run around the back yard and investigate everything.  All of this running around leads me to my post today.  When you are an inquisitive young pup like I am, it comes with a cost.  The cost is that you get dirty a lot more often.  It only makes sense.  There are sheds to crawl under.  Grass and mud to run through.  Gardens to jump into.  Here I am after a long and hard (and dirty) weekend.  If only I could play outside and not get dirty.  Why you ask?  Because I hate to take a bath.

On Glen Road, which answer below let’s you know that it is time for me to take a bath? 

  1. I stink.
  2. I don’t smell very good.
  3. My roommates on Glen Road pick me up and then put me down and say P. U.
  4. Everyone on Glen Road keeps saying ‘what’s that smell?’ and it turns out to be me!
  5. My roommates let a skunk come into the house last night and left me out in the yard.
  6. All of the above.

If you guessed number six, you would be correct.  So this weekend, it was off to the tub for me.  Never a pretty picture.  So you can understand what it takes to make me so glamorous, I have authorized the release of these bath pics to the general public.  Here I am after my initial spray….I am trying to flee by running up the side of the tub and out of the room.

  I’m so humiliated, I can’t even show my face!

Finally, I just surrender and let nature (and soap and water) takes its course.  When I’m wet, I look about 10 pounds lighter.  See how sad my little face looks in this one.

 Don’t get any soap into my eyes!  I don’t want to have to attack!

Then it’s a towel dry and under the hair dryer.  I guess it is worth it because here is how I turn out.

 Who can resist such a hot young thing?  Bark!

I’m so happy to be done with my bath.  I am also glad that you got to see that beauty is a lot of work.  It is worth it in my opinion.  As I’ve always said, “Beauty may only be skin deep, but ugly is all the way to the bone”.  Take care my lovelies and I’ll talk to you again soon.  I’m off to play in the back yard some more.  Do you have a favorite pet that can talk to me here on Acorns On Glen?

JoJo’s Journal

This is another edition of JoJo’s Journal….bark!  This week I can’t wait to show you my new toy.  Actually, it is not really a toy, although I have a lot of fun with it and play with it almost every day.  It is actually a piece of equipment that I have fallen in love with since my roommates here on Glen Road brought it home for me.  What is it?  You all know my love for diamonds, pearls and treats, but it’s none of these.  Here it is…the big reveal.  It is a doggy high chair and here I am sitting in it!

I mainly sit in my high chair during meal time on Glen Road.  It took my roommates some time to figure out that I was not running under the table and barking at them during meal time because I wanted to eat.  That is just silly as I have my own food and treats.  I don’t want their food as well.  I just wanted that eye-level boost that keeps me from feeling left out.  I want to see everyone at eye level and be able to listen and join in on the conversation.  This clip-on high chair is a great alternative to having to pick me up and sit me in your lap while you are trying to eat.  That’s not comfortable for anyone involved.  My high chair makes me feel a part of the dinner crowd and now I don’t have to make a nuisance of myself in order to be a part of the action.  I love it! 

Let me tell you how my high chair works.  My high chair clips on to tables or counter tops up to two inches thick using the same rubber-grip technology used in child clip-on booster chairs.  Easy-slide straps help to adjust the height of my high chair without tools.  That’s good because Glen Road is not known to be very good with using tools.  There are two inner tether straps that can connect to my leash to keep me safely inside the high chair.  I have to tell you that we don’t really use this feature as I am thrilled to be in my high chair and would never jump out.  Recently, I’ve wanted to take several of my daily naps in the high chair.  It is so comfortable.  My high chair is made of easy-clean nylon with an inner, removable cushion for my comfort.  You know that I am the Queen.  The best part–it is machine washable for those rare times I eat a little treat inside of it and get it a little dirty.  I do need to tell you this….it is only for small pets up to 10 pounds.  Big dogs need not apply.  Thank god because there would be nothing more ridiculous than seeing an 80 pound dog hanging off your counter top.  🙂  You can find my high chair and other pet items at a great website called Doctors Foster and Smith, http://www.drsfostersmith.com.  Feel free to see more pictures of me in my high chair in the gallery below.  I’m glad you stopped by again at Acorns On Glen and caught up with me….bark.  I’ll see you next time!  What crazy toys or equipment do you have in your home for your furry pet?

JoJo’s Journal

This is JoJo’s  Journal….BARK!  I’m back and what a difference a week makes.  I spent most of the day on Saturday at the beauty parlor.  My salon is a very exclusive one called Bone Jour.  When I go there, my stylist takes me into the shop and bathes me, cuts my hair and then dries me very well.  She also cleans my eyes, ears and trims my paw nails.  Then I get to play with the other doggies that are there for the day in the playroom.  I know I’m spoiled, but please don’t tell anyone.  When I get home, everyone on Glen Road tells me how cute I look and then I have to take a nap.  All the excitement just wears me out!  When in doubt about grooming your dog (or any animal), a great website to visit is http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/dog-care/grooming-library.aspx.  The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website is a great resource to use when you have questions about the care of your pets.  Now take a look at my before and after shots.

This is before:

This is after (don’t I like like a puppy again):

Side view.  This is before:

This is after (don’t I look like I’ve lost weight?):

Do you think I look pretty?  Let me know what you think in the comments section.  As well, tell me about your pets.  I would love to know about your little ones and make some new friends.  Do you have any pet grooming tips you can share or can you tell me what you would like to read about in my upcoming posts?

  Love, JoJo  xxxooo