Friday Dance Party

This is another edition of Friday Dance Party….country style with a twist.  First off, give yourself credit because we’ve made it through another week.  Give thanks for this accomplishment and all the great things that happened to you this week (think of health, family, friends to name a few) and when you’re done giving thanks…let’s dance.  We are switching gears this week and moving into a country line dance.  Think Dolly, Reba, Shania with a twist.  This week’s country line dancing is not only for fun but it is also for charity.  From now through April 8, GE wants to create the largest internet line dance in history and they need your help.  GE wants you and your family and friends to learn a line dance and submit a video of your team doing it.  Visit for the details.  The site has everything you need to know, including the song download and line dance lessons.  If you decide to take GE up on their offer, every video sent of you and your family and friends doing the official line dance will mean that GE will donate safe, clean drinking water to various developing nations that don’t have access to adequate sources of water.  There is also great prizes to win as well.  Talk about keeping it real.  I hope this crazy video makes you laugh like it did for me (sorry for the little Google ad pop up.  If you see it, just hit the boxed “x” to close it).  See other great video episodes by going to and typing Ian Is Bored in the search engine.  They are laugh-out-loud funny.  So whether you choose to participate or even if you don’t, let’s still watch the video and, as always, just shake it to the music.  You’ve “Walked The Line” (sorry, Mr. Cash) this week and made it through.  You deserve it.  Will you be submitting a video for charity or just shakin’ it in private? 

4 thoughts on “Friday Dance Party

  1. Can’t wait to shake off the stress of the week with your recommendation. It will be in private- nobody needs to see me shake my groove thing. Next week maybe a little Beyonce?

    • You sound like a dancing queen, cha cha. Doesn’t matter where you dance, but just do it!! Beyonce?? I like it…we haven’t gotten to a popular dance video yet. Beyonce is pretty hot….someone might fracture a hip!! We need to be careful. I’ll put it on the list. Thanks for the comment and welcome to Acorns On Glen.

  2. Once again a favorite subject. I have had several opportunities to line dance and I did learn one. The dance was really simple. (I think it was for starters.) It can be danced by young, middle aged and old. We were at a dance and along came the line dance. Allot of people got up and several people told me to come along. I was in a line for people who never line danced before except for a couple who have. They taught us the steps by just us following what they were doing. It was so funny everyone was laughing even from those who weren’t dancing were laughing. We learned this very simple line dance in one dance. Then the band spokesman said he thought just our line should dance alone since we had struggled to learn it. Immediately the men left the line. It ended up with just women. The music started and at first we were a little out of step. But then we started doing it like pros. (Remember the dance was simple.) When done we got a very loud reception. The girls and I walked back to our tables and I know we all felt like we had been in Radio City Rockettes chours line.

    • Thanks for your comment Carolkin. You should record a video of you line dancing and send it to GE. Sounds like you are a pro. Come back and visit at Acorns On Glen.

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