Getting A Jump Start

This is my new Jump Start.  What’s that you might ask?  It is a grow light system that will enable me to grow seedlings from organic seed and then move the seedlings out into my garden.  The Jump Start system combines an aluminum light stand with a 4-foot, single tube fluorescent fixture, adjustable to my seedling’s height, for an easy solution to grow my own plants. 

The seeds will be planted in flats and covered with acrylic domes to keep in the moisture and heat.  When the seeds sprout, the domes will be removed and the light will be kept on about 14 hours a day at about 2 inches above the new sprouts until they are ready to be moved outside.  I’ll be growing tomatoes, cauliflower, eggplant, brussel sprouts and cabbage under the light.  I’ve ordered the seeds and will start planting them in mid-March so that the plants will be able to be taken outside in mid-May when the danger of frost is over here in Connecticut.  Talk about new beginnings…from seed to table.  Let’s start “The Garden-2011”!  What do you plant in your garden?

4 thoughts on “Getting A Jump Start

  1. I know a person who now is looking at every seed catalog sent to him.He is like a child with a catalog with Christmas gifts in it.

    The grow light system does work. The Mr. Green Thumb at my house has done that and it was successful.

    Hope your garden does well because your flowers alway look fantastic. Have fun.

    • I hope I have the patience, Carolkin, for this seed to table adventure. I am also looking at lots of seed catalogs and have narrowed the field down to a few. So many vendors, but I want to pick the ones that are true to organic and natural seed values. You can buy a lot of crazy seeds out there….I’m not sure people realize that. I’ll keep everyone informed of my choices as I proceed. Check back often on “Acorns On Glen”.

  2. Can you please plant some memory seeds for me? I feel awful because I totally missed your birthday. I hope it was the best ever. I will get something off soon. You know how it is – all about Megan. Happy Happy Birthday Marty!

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