Friday Dance Party

This is Friday, February 18, 2011.  Friday is a great day.  We survive another week and hopefully have a few days over the weekend for some down time.  Down time to do what we want and need to do.  Time to re-connect, relax, re-energize, run errands and get in touch with ourselves, nature, our families and our friends. 

Fridays are great days to grab a loved one and dance.  I dance to celebrate.  I dance to blow off steam.  I dance to get over bad times.  Hell, I just like to dance!  Some Fridays we want to dance hard and crazy and some Fridays we want to be romantic and slow dance with a loved one.  In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, let’s start off with a slow dance.  A big mushy slow dance…there is nothing better.  Celebrate YOU….just dance.  Tell me other songs you want me to add for upcoming Friday Dance Parties?

4 thoughts on “Friday Dance Party

  1. You must have a little rock and roll in your life no matter how old. You can be so down in the dumps and on the radio, TV, etc. a song you loved in the past will bring up pleasant memories and how you use to dance to that song. You only go around once so have fun.


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