Happy New Year 2012 – Two Ways

There are many ways to bring in the New Year.  So whether you want to bring it in all sweet and sentimental or you bring it in rowdy and crazy, the choice is for you to make.  Whatever way you choose, please know that all of us here at Acorns On Glen want to wish you, your family and your friends a very Happy New Year 2012 and may even your wildest and craziest dreams come true.  We look forward to spending more time with you in 2012.  Our best to you in the New Year…………and where is the Advil for our friend below?

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012 – Two Ways

    • Hi Kathy D. Thanks for the warm wishes. Here’s to another year….remember when you were little and 2012 seemed so far, far away in the future. YIKES!! We will see you soon.

  1. Happy New Year from Viva Las Vegas!

    We wish for you the best year yet! Since it is getting harder to remember the past, why wouldn’t we think this year is the best yet… maybe the best we can remember.

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