Friday Dance Party

This is another edition of Friday Dance Party here on Acorns On Glen.  So do you know the drill yet?  We appreciate LIFE and then we DANCE.  Life should be celebrated and what a better way to do it than by dancing.  Whether it is a hard dance, a slow dance or you are just swaying to the music, dancing makes you feel good.  So let’s start by taking a moment to celebrate that we’ve made it through another week and we are here.  Here in the moment.  We are alive!  Be proud that you survived and think of all the good things you did this week.  Good things for your family, your Company, your friends.  I hope there were also some good things that you did for yourself.  Congratulations!  You’ve made it through.  Did you give thanks?

Good, now let’s dance……

Winter is acting a lot like Effie White in this clip from Broadway, 1982.  Isn’t Winter singing the same lyrics to us?  “And I am telling you, I’m not going!  There’s no way I’m living without you.  I’m not living without you.  I don’t want to be free.  I’m staying and you, you’re going to love me”.  This week we were reminded that Winter is still here with a few snowstorms visiting that left a few inches of snow on the ground each time.  Winter loves us and doesn’t want to move on to another place.  However, I am determined to tell Winter that it is time to go and we’ll see her again towards the end of 2011.  She’ll be fine.  She will survive.  I know that I can live without you!  So maybe this clip isn’t really a true dance number, but it fits the situation here in Connecticut with Winter.  Go ahead and move to it.   Better yet, grab a hairbrush, stand in front of your computer and let your inner Broadway diva shine through.  You won’t win a Tony Award  like Jennifer Holliday did for this part, but maybe you will get an even better reward….Spring!  Let it rip.  Belt this song out loud and clear and dance your rear end off!!  Do you ever dance in front of your computer when you read and listen to Friday Dance Party (don’t be shy now)? 

2 thoughts on “Friday Dance Party

  1. Yes Martko1964 I do a little dancing when I hear a song that I like. Love your Friday Dance Party article but will have to admit I am of the age where we party on Saturday night (that is if there is going to be a party.) Am thankful on Friday night about making it through the week.

    Generally I enjoy about every day if something good happens. I take it one day at a time when sometimes everyday seems like a Saturday that’s great. Do have some days I don’t care about at all but feel glad to to have made it through it.

    • Hi Carolkin. That’s what Friday Dance Party is all about. Celebrating that we made it through another week of living. We dance to celebrate. Come back and visit soon.

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