Friday Dance Party

This is another edition of Friday Dance Party here on Acorns On Glen.  This is the time where we give thanks for making it through another week and then we dance to celebrate.  Are you still alive and kicking?  Was your week an easy one or a tough one?  Whatever kind of week you had, just be happy that you are here now.  Realize that so many people are not as lucky as we are.  The news is full of crazy stories of war, natural disasters and disease.  We need to be thankful for our lives and pray for those that aren’t as lucky as we are.  Be thankful you, your family and your friends are here.  Be thankful we are safe, warm and have food on our tables.  Just give thanks at how lucky you truly are!  Did you do that?

Good, now let’s dance.

I was memory traveling this week back to Iowa in the late 1970s.  Trying to decide if days were better then or better now.  I thought it was only fitting to pick a song from the same era to use as our dance number this week.  Disco was so popular in those days.  I will admit, I had the disco moves in those days and nothing lifts my spirits more than hearing an old disco song on the radio.  To be more current, hearing a string of old disco songs on my XM/Sirius satellite radio tuned into the ‘Disco’ channel.  I don’t really know which one is better–an old-time radio or a new satellite radio?  All I know is that I love to hear any disco music on the radio.  So here’s the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer, and one of her top disco hits….’On The Radio’.  Slip into your wrap dress or your leisure suit and dance hard.  Dance to celebrate that we made it to the end of another week.  You deserve it.  Were you a disco diva in the day?

2 thoughts on “Friday Dance Party

  1. Sorry to say but I was a Saturday dance party person.

    Really though in my day disco was as good on Saturday as it is on Friday.

    Always had fun when I was dancing.

    • Hi Carolkin. We allow you to modify our dance parties to your liking. How about giving thanks on Friday and then dancing on Saturday. We aim to please here at Acorns On Glen.

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