Friday Dance Party-Vintage Whitney

This is another edition of Friday Dance Party here on Acorns On Glen.  I want you first to give thanks for living and thriving through another week.  No matter how hard or how easy your week was, the important thing is that you made it through and you are still here.  You are alive!!  Did you give thanks?

Good, now let’s dance.

I love to watch videos of when a major star first shows their stuff to the world.  The first time we see their talent and understand that talent really is a major gift from God.  There are certain stars where you remember everything about the first time you saw them in a movie or heard them sing.  The first time they took your breath away.  Think Crosby, Sinatra, Streisand.  Then there was Whitney.  Before all the stuff.  When she was just this unbelievable voice.  This video was one of her first major appearances on television on her way to becoming a star.  It was 1985.  She was there to belt out her first hit.  Before ‘The Greatest Love of All’ and ‘How Will I Know’.  Did you know she had a hit before these?  That someone can sing this well live and without lip synching is incredible.  Who really can do this in today’s music world?  Britney, Madonna, please!  Give me a break.  Whitney has pipes….or had them….I want her to get them back.  So sit back and give thanks that you made it through another week and then start slow grooving to some vintage Whitney.  You deserve it.  What stars took your breath away the first time you saw them perform? 

4 thoughts on “Friday Dance Party-Vintage Whitney

  1. Johnny Mathis is my first star. Absolutely loved the show.

    I also really love Whitney Houston. She has a fantastic voice. She can sing anything.

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