Friday Dance Party – Price Tag With Jessie J

This is another edition of Friday Dance Party on Acorns On Glen.  It’s the time where we give thanks for making it through another week of living and for being alive and present here on Earth.  How do we celebrate another week of living?  We dance.  United in our love of life through music.  So, are you alive this Friday?  Are you and your family safe and sound?  Take a few seconds now to be in the moment and realize what a great life you truly have.  Did you give thanks for that?

Good, now let’s dance.

We’ve been doing Friday Dance Party every Friday since Acorns On Glen was born on February 13th.  This is our 15th dance party.  Some weeks, FDP gets a lot of hits and other weeks, not so many.  OK, we will attribute that to the music we selected for the weeks with low hits.  Since the beginning, FDP’s intent was to celebrate our lives through music and dance.  We know of very few people who actually stop once a week and give thanks for being alive and on this planet.  There were so many times here on Glen Road where our day was all about complaining about our lives.  Too much work, too many bills, this person didn’t call us back, this person calls too much.  These examples were  just the tip of the iceberg.  So when we started Acorns On Glen and wanted to try to get back to what is real and great about our lives, we decided to make it a ritual every Friday for us to stop and take a moment to think about how lucky we are in our lives and to give thanks…and then dance to celebrate another week of living.  Our idea seems to be catching on.  ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J asks us to simply realize it’s not about the money, the bling or the ching.  It’s about life and how we just want to make the world dance.  A great idea!  So enjoy the song (if you get a pop up ad just close it by hitting the x — sorry) and enjoy the fact that for 15 weeks you’ve joined us here on Acorns On Glen to think about your life and how lucky you truly are to be alive and well and then you’ve shaked it to celebrate.  Remember, we just want to make the world dance (and live life to the fullest).  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Have you spent more time giving thanks for your life and all your friends and family that make it up?

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