What’s Blooming – Another Virtual Garden Tour

This is a little added bonus that we found as we were walking around looking at what was blooming in the garden.  Don’t be fooled.  This little toad was no more than a half an inch long….a baby.  When I was a little boy, my Grandma would always pull me aside when I yelled at the sight of a toad and give me the benefits of seeing them in your vicinity.  They eat bugs that devour your garden.  They save our garden.  Be happy when you see one near your garden.  So I will take her long ago given advice and be happy that our little friend is out protecting our garden.  Lot of plants are peaking in our garden right now.  Let’s enjoy a little virtual garden tour of what’s blooming.  Come with us….and Mr. Baby Toad.

We hope that you enjoyed our little virtual tour.  After a heavy rain this Friday night, things are looking pretty good and there is no need for us to haul the sprinklers out.  Let’s hope that we can continue to alternate between full sun and then some rain.  It sure makes things stay in bloom a lot longer.  What is blooming in your garden right now?

8 thoughts on “What’s Blooming – Another Virtual Garden Tour

    • Hi Rufus’. The toad was only a half-inch long. When it gets bigger, grows fangs and large talons, then I will be scared. 🙂 Thanks for the comment on the garden. Lots of work, but worth it when it blooms. Come back and visit soon.

  1. We have nothing blooming in the garden this year. Events came up that delayed planting a garden but still have some beautiful plants we purchased from a greenhouse, replanted in decorative pots and they are still beautiful.

    Your flowers are beautiful and it must be a good feeling when you look and think “I did this. I created a beautiful thing by planting and taking care of a little plant.” Congratulations.

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