A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – Brook, You Just Keep Babbling

This is our neighborhood babbling brook.  Glen Road has taken on a strict diet and exercise plan starting last Monday.  Healthy eating and several walks per week is the charge.  If you notice our food posts, most are desserts, so it is time to work a few of those calories off.  Most nights this week, we put on our sneakers and put JoJo on a leash and we take off for a 45 minute walk.  Yes, even JoJo has indulged a little too much this Summer and needs to lose a few pounds as well.  What has been great about these outdoor walks versus walking on a treadmill inside of a gym is that you can really take notice of all the cool things nature has to offer.  Like this little brook.  We’ve driven over the small bridge that is on top of it for six years, but we have never really stopped and looked at the water that flows through it.  We’ve never listened to the babbling water rushing around rocks and tree trunks.  We’ve never really taken a look at all of the brook’s bends and turns.  Our walks started for the exercise, but now have also gotten us closer to nature.  Who would have thought?  We never thought we would like to exercise, but this seems to work.  What do you notice when you take a walk around your neighborhood?     

6 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – Brook, You Just Keep Babbling

  1. Is JoJo a water dog? We have one water dog and one who hates water. No walks for us lately. Katherine took the dogs actually two or three times this week on short ones. But mostly it’s hunker down mode or darting between the air conditioned house and car.

    • Hi. JoJo doesn’t like water too much after a fall into the pool one year. She is a good walker though…she went hard with us for 45 minutes. Not bad for a 7 pound dog. Our weather has been nice the last week or so. We have been lucky. Come back and visit us soon.

    • Hi Joshua. Thanks for your comment. You are from CA….land of the skinny folks. I know..I used to live in SF. For some reason, once you leave you become heavier. Don’t leave!! Come back and visit us soon. Hi to the family!!

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