News From The Garden

This is the progress in the vegetable garden this weekend.  Not much went on, but with all the rain we have been experiencing, a little bit of work is a lot.  We had laid a tray of vegetable plants out last week that were grown under our grow light in the basement, but the rain stopped us from putting them in the ground.  This was probably a good thing as it gave the young plants some time to get used to the weather outside and begin to adapt to the new environment.  Little did the young plants know that they were acclimating to a monsoon-type environment given all the precipitation that occurred last week.  Finally, there was a small break in the weather and we rushed out to put the plants into the soil.  Here is a little taste of what went into the ground.

First, a little cabbage.  We love cabbage and have a great soup recipe that is simple and delicious.

Let’s not forget our cauliflower.  Lots of cauliflower macaroni for our Brooklyn Italian Grandmother to cook.

Are we the only ones that like brussels sprouts?  Boiled and then mixed with salt, pepper and butter.  Simple heaven!

Last, but not least, a spindly looking eggplant.  Hope it makes it!!  We have so many eggplant recipes it is crazy.

The rest of the garden is doing well.  We couldn’t believe that some seeds that we planted last week were already sprouting.  Here are the turnips peeking their heads out of the dirt.

Here are some beets that shot up too.  These are the golden variety.  Does this mean they are tougher than their dark red cousins?

Our lettuce is almost ready for some picking.  If we get a little hot weather, it should grow quickly and be in a salad bowl in no time.  Doesn’t it look good with the raindrops stuck on the leaves?  A little vinegar, some oil and a fork….that’s all we need when the lettuce is ready.

So not a great week for gardening-flowers or vegetables, but we guess Spring is known for lots of wet weather, right?  The only thing that really benefited from all this rain was our newly seeded front lawn.  So there you have it…we’ve found at least one benefit from all this crazy weather.  For all of you gardeners out there, isn’t it a great feeling to see all your hard work finally grow into something edible?  To see our seeds sprout or our grow light plants get put into dirt is a very proud and satisfying feeling.  It makes all the hard work seem worth it.  How is your garden growing and did you have crazy weather that set you back a bit? 

7 thoughts on “News From The Garden

  1. It’s been raining here in Northern Ca for the past 2 weeks, or if it’s not raining, the weather is overcast. Last year, my mom and I planted tomatoes, peppers, squash ( Asian variety) and eggplants. But they weren’t so successful. All that time and effort for a few produce.. it wasn’t worth it. Now, we’re starting to plant a flower garden instead. Instant flower garden….. I’m helping my mother coz it’s summer vacation, and I discovered I loved gardening last year. So, it’s all good even though it’s backbreaking.

    • Hi renxkyoko. Welcome to Acorns On Glen. That’s so cool that you like gardening. I did a lot as a young kid and then dropped the hobby and have now started back up. Love it now. Hope you have good luck on your flowers. The back breaking part is worth it when you see your flowers bloom. Come back and visit soon.

  2. The weather is supposed to be pretty good this weekend…. warm and sunny in the day with a change of brief showers at night. Everything a garden and gardener hopes for– thanks for the update

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