Flower Power

This is an update on what’s blooming here in the garden on Glen Road.  It seems the early Spring bloomers are already spent and so now it is time to move on to our early Summer/late Spring group.  This group is led by the beautiful peonies that are just starting to pop open after some warm weather and plenty of rain early in their growth.  There are also some plants that are blooming that we can’t name.  They have been here at Glen Road longer than we have, so if you know what they are, let us know.  So sit back and enjoy our gallery of late Spring bloomers.

We hope you liked our little garden tour.  Seeing these beautiful blooms makes all the effort seem worth it.  Again, we wish someone could invent something that makes these flowers last year round.  Seems like such a waste for them to be around for such a short amount of time.  What’s blooming in your neck of the woods?

4 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Very beautiful blooms and a great variety. We were speaking of peonies over the weekend and someone was saying that they were having issues with ants on the blooms so could not bring any in the house. Have you had similar issues or know of any remedies?

    • Hi Dianna. As long as I have been around peonies, ants crawling on the buds have been part of the game. I just give the flower a good shake and hope for the best.

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