Our Virtual Garden Show Continues – What’s Blooming

This is a transition period in our garden.  The spectacular blooming of the more tender plants of Spring is over and the vast majority of the gorgeous blooms are just memories now.  As we start Summer, the new wave of bloomers tend to come from more hardy plants and shrubs that are better able to take the hot temperatures and small amounts of moisture that Summer offers.  The plants of Summer are a tough bunch.  They can stand up to the brutal 100 degree days and seem to not mind too much if the raindrops are far and few between.  You can just tell by looking at them.  They actually look tougher than their Spring cousins.  Hardier and thicker, their flowers seem to stare at you and say ‘what are you looking at?’  Remember when you were growing up and the ‘tough’ kids would hang out together and taunt other kids by saying thing like ‘come over here and we’ll punch you’ or ‘what’s your problem?’ or ‘what are you looking at?’.  That’s these bloomers…the tough kids.  They know how to get along with little help from others.  They are scrappy.  They need to be to make it through July and August.  Enjoy our latest virtual garden tour and see what’s blooming on Glen Road.

When it is all said and done, we’re glad the tough kids are out there growing during the Summer.  From now until the end of August, the days get so hot that it makes it difficult to spend a large amount of time working out in the gardens.  Some light weeding, deadheading and evening watering is about all you can do without major heat stroke.  Even though we stay indoors or by the pool more, it is still a great feeling to look outside and see that you still have flowers blooming.  Raises your spirits even in the hottest of times.  What are some of your favorite Summer bloomers?

4 thoughts on “Our Virtual Garden Show Continues – What’s Blooming

    • Hi Rufus’. No, I have never cooked with lavender. I like how the plant looks, but not a big fan of the smell or the taste. I have a friend who somehow mixes it with honey and eats it on toast in the AM, but it’s just not for me. If you like it, it is pretty easy to grow. Come back and visit soon.

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