More What’s Blooming – A Virtual Garden Tour

This is a shot that I can’t even believe I took.  Even with temperatures stuck in the high 80s and many times in the 90s, a dragonfly still has the energy to fly over and enjoy the bloom of a butterfly bush in our front yard.  Even better, the dragonfly waited around long enough for me to get a couple of shots with my camera.  It doesn’t usually happen like this for me when I’m out taking photos.  Most things fly away faster than I can aim, focus and snap a picture.  Yes, Summer is here.  Temperatures are high, rain is scarce and there is a lot of humidity.  That doesn’t mean that flowers and plants aren’t blooming here on Glen Road.  To the contrary, a number of plants are in full bloom even with the harsh conditions.  So we hope you take a few minutes and enjoy a virtual garden tour of what’s blooming in our garden right now.  Here is what is happening:

We hope you liked our little virtual garden tour.  It is amazing that there can be so many blooms given the temperatures we have been dealing with here in Connecticut.  It just goes to show you that there is always a flower of some sort for every season.  All of the plants in this tour require very little water and still show off a dynamic and beautiful display of blooms.  What, if anything, is blooming in your neck of the woods given the hot temperatures we have been having?

8 thoughts on “More What’s Blooming – A Virtual Garden Tour

    • Hi Dianna. I agree, it’s pretty hot. I don’t get out much in weather like this. Even watering the plants is an effort in this humidity. Just make sure you keep hydrated…booze doesn’t count. 🙂 Come back and visit soon.

  1. Hello, this is my first visit to your blog. I’ve been putting together a nature photo blog of my own and I have to say I love the pictures you’re sharing. I’m also learning a lot. I don’t know the proper names of most of the flowers I’m photographing as I’m rolling through the neighborhood and parks, but I see some familiar ones on your blog. Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs.

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoy the blog and the pictures. I really love doing it. I think it really makes me appreciate and take notice of life more than if I wasn’t doing it. We are always up to something here on Acorns On Glen. Come back and visit soon.

  2. Such beautiful flowers. I have been at Glen Road many different seasons and there is always something of beauty. This includes winter. Always a beautiful patch of green somewhere in the snow.

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