A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – A Real Barn Burner

This is a picture of a barn in our neighborhood taken when the temperature was 94 degrees.  A real barn burner, get it?  OK, so some bad Summer humor.  This was another little “find” that we ran across on one of our evening walks over the weekend.  Next time we will have to see what is inside.  Probably equipment of some sort, but let’s hope for something more exotic like a cow or a pig.  Who knows?  How are you coping with the heat this Summer?

2 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – A Real Barn Burner

  1. I’m happy to report we’re having cool weather. Seriously. Coping with the heat meant lots of AC, and lots of complaining. I’m sure I already mentioned the 114 scorcher. 94 sounds great. Although, it seems cooler than that. Of course, that probably means a hurricane is on it’s way, haven’t checked lately. In any case, the reprieves are always short.

    • Hi Greg. Great thing on the cool weather. However, just when you think the hot weather is over…you always get a big surprise. Hang in there. Come back and visit soon.

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