Day 5 Without Electricity – Mother Nature Gets The Last Laugh

This is the reason we have no electricity.  About a hundred feet from our house, this tree balances on the power lines that should be supplying the homes in our neighborhood with electricity.  It has been balancing like this for five days since the big snowstorm on October 29.  No heat, no TV, no refrigerator or freezer, no internet, no Acorns On Glen….just quiet and cold and then complete darkness when night falls.  I have gone on the internet at work and see that the power company expects restoration for our home by 11 PM on Sunday, November 6th.  What!!

Our yard has also fared poorly with the snowstorm.  There are several large branches that have fallen.  The heavy snow and the leaves still on the trees were just too much for many of the town’s trees to bear.  You see ripped-off branches of all sizes at our house and throughout the town.  Smaller-sized garden plants, trees and bushes have really taken a beating.  We have a Japanese maple where the top just snapped off.  Most bushes seem to have their center limbs all broken off and laying on the ground.  Many plants just seem to have been beaten into the ground.  It may be too soon to assess the damage.  Some may come back with some growth and some will never come back.  It’s sure been a wild week.  Have you ever lost power and enjoyed a bath using water heated up in a pan on the grill?

6 thoughts on “Day 5 Without Electricity – Mother Nature Gets The Last Laugh

  1. So sorry to hear that you are still without power. What happened to the generator plan? Hang in there. I thought the less than 24 hours we were without power in Pennslyvania was fun, but long enough.

    • Hi kmart. We are still getting the generator, it just takes time to order, install, etc. Who knew we’d have another outage after Hurricane Irene!! We are now on Day 6. It has to be any day now.

  2. When everything in your house is ran by electricity buying a generator is a wise decision. Some say you may never need it. Maybe so but the stress of having an alternate souce of power would be great.

    When the snow starts falling and the wind blows you know you are covered if the electricity goes out.

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